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The future of mining signage

Increasing safety and visibility on minesites with Electroluminescent technology.

Introducing EL Illuminated Top Boxes and Panels

Our EL Illuminated Top Boxes and Panels are lighting the way for the future of visual identification systems on minesites.  Not only are our EL Call Signs made with durable Polyethylene material, but they also increase visibility on site from all angles and in all conditions with the use of our state-of-the-art cutting-edge Electroluminescent panels.

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    Choose Electroluminescent technology for increased safety and visibility on minesites

    What are Electroluminescent panels?

    Electroluminescence (EL) is paper thin, flexible technology that uses millions of microscopic particles (phosphor) commonly referred to as printed light or printed electronics.

    Electroluminescence VS Conventional lighting

    Conventional lighting (high pressure sodium, incandescent, LED etc.) is “point source” light that invasively emits from a fixed point resulting in a large percentage of light travelling from the site, low visibility in fog or dusty conditions, temporary flash blindness from looking directly at the source, dappled lighting from LEDs used in path lighting and shadow casting .

    Electroluminescent panels are not ‘point sources’ and provide a soft diffused light with none of the issues of conventional lighting.

    Manufactured locally in Mackay, QLD

    Rectangular Top Box

    Triangular Top Box


    Our EL Illuminated Top Boxes are designed to withstand the harsh environment mining has to offer.  They are built to last as they are manufactured out of Polyethylene which is sturdy, but also flexible enough to cope with vibration from heavy machinery.

    • Made from the world’s most popular and versatile ploymer.
    • Suitable for ROPS mounting for ID visibility from any angle.
    • Can be installed over GPS aerial utilising existing mounts.
    • Various sizes to suit Dozers, Graders and Light Vehicles.
    • Two different shapes available; triangular and rectangular.
    • Impact and vibration resistant
    • Class 1 reflective call signs meeting mine-site requirements
    • Rotating Beacons are an optional add-on.


    Our EL Illuminated Top Boxes increase visibility like no other, seen from all angles and in dusty conditions. This is possible with the use of Electroluminescent panels which illuminate through the Class 1 reflective call signs.

    • Uses it’s own light-source
    • Visible from all angles
    • Increased safety and visibility in all conditions
    • Day/Night Switch – Turns itself on and off automatically
    • Class 1 reflective call signs meeting mine-site requirements
    • Impact and vibration resistant
    • Lower operating costs and produces less heat
    • Environmentally friendly

    Available for all types of heavy equipment including dozers, graders, loaders, dump trucks, etc

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