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Polyethylene Call Sign Top Boxes

The NEW solution for Top Boxes

Our Polyethylene Call Sign Top Boxes are built to last when it comes to mine site visual identification systems. Unlike traditional top boxes, Polyethylene is designed to withstand the harsh environment mining has to offer.

These Call Sign Top Boxes are suitable for ROPS mounting to promote ‘positive communication’ and ID visibility from any angle. They are available in both Rectangular and Triangular designs and can be manufactured in various sizes to suit Dozers, Graders, and Light Vehicles.

  • Made from the world’s most popular and versatile ploymer.
  • Suitable for ROPS mounting for ID visibility from any angle.
  • Can be installed over GPS aerial utilising existing mounts.
  • Various sizes to suit Dozers, Graders and Light Vehicles.
  • Two different shapes available; triangular and rectangular.
  • Class 1 reflective call signs meeting mine-site requirements
  • Electroluminescent panels are an optional add-on.
  • Rotating Beacons are an optional add-on.

Our Call Sign Top Boxes are locally manufactured in Mackay in the Ezy Sign Solutions workshop in Paget.

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Polyethylene is sturdy, but also flexible enough to cope with vibration from machinery

Rectangular Top Box

Triangular Top Box

Have the option to further increase visibility by selecting Electroluminescent panels.

Electroluminescence (EL) is paper thin, flexible technology that uses millions of microscopic particles (phosphor) commonly referred to as printed light or printed electronics. EL technology creates an incredibly thin and captivating light source, allowing much more flexibility than traditional static backlit signs.

Lighter technology also provides increased durability and almost unlimited freedom for custom signage in nearly any size, shape or colour. EL panels are tailored to the environment where they will be used making their range of application almost limitless.