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Safety Stickers & Signs

Here at Ezy Sign Solutions, we have a wide range of safety signs, stickers and products available.

We manufacture all types of safety signs including Danger, Mandatory, Prohibition, First Aid, custom safety signs and all manner of site safety signs, to meet the latest Australian Standards in our modern factory located in Mackay.

We also provide an extensive range of mining specific signs and products.

Ready-Made Safety Decals

We manufacture a wide range of Warning and Safety decals and stickers for Earthmoving, Heavy Machinery and Plant and Equipment.
All stickers are made out of quality durable, UV and solvent resistant material, so you can have the confidence that your safety decals will last in extreme Australian weather conditions.

We keep a large variety of safety decals ready-made in stock, so you can come in and get what you need with no wait. Contact us to check availability.

Pick up locally in Mackay or request delivery Australia-wide. The Ezy Signs team are also able to install the stickers for you within the Mackay and Isaac Region.

Contact us to find out more.

Custom Safety Signs and Stickers

Here at Ezy Sign Solutions, we can customise safety signs and stickers to suit your exact requirements. We have the ability to complete orders for both small and large quantities.

Pick up locally in Mackay or request delivery Australia-wide. The Ezy Signs team are also able to install the stickers for you within the Mackay and Isaac Region.

Contact us for custom safety sign solutions for the mine site or workplace.

Industry Specific Safety Signs

The Ezy Sign Solutions team can manufacture a large variety of safety signs and stickers for a diverse range of industries, including Mackay’s key industry sectors; mining services, education, health, aviation, tourism and agriculture.

Every industry has their own set of risks, dangers and hazards, requiring custom industry specific safety signage to keep employees, customers and visitors safe.

We can create custom safety signs for your business, and cater to your specific needs.

Specialising in safety signage for:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health and Allied Services
  • Tourism

Mining Safety Stickers and Signs

  • Vehicle IDs / Call Signs
  • Riggers Only
  • Sand Blasting In Progress
  • Crush Zone Keep Clear
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • 240 – 11 000 Volts
  • Asbestos Danger Signs
  • Beware Of Overhead Electrical Hazards
  • Blasting Ahead
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Firing In Progress
  • High Voltage

Danger Signs

  • Blasting & Explosive Danger Signs
  • Electrical Danger Signs
  • Construction Danger Signs
  • Flammable & Hazard Danger Signs
  • Admittance And Entry Danger Signs
  • No Smoking Danger Signs
  • Mining Danger Signs
  • Overhead Danger Signs
  • Machine Danger Signs

Mandatory Signs

  • Protective Clothing Signs
  • Eye & Hearing Protection Signs
  • Face & Respirator Protection Signs
  • Site Mandatory Signs

Construction Signs

  • Construction Site Signs
  • Construction Danger Signs
  • Building Site Signs
  • Construction Warning Signs

Facility Signs

  • Warehouse Signs
  • Forklift Signs
  • Door Signs
  • Restroom Signs
  • Restricted Access Signs
  • Authorised Access Signs
  • Keep Out Signs
  • Braille Signs
  • No Smoking Signs
  • Designated Smoking Signs
  • Emergency & First Aid Signs
  • Fire Door Signs
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs
  • Fire Hose & Hydrant Signs
  • Fire Alarm Signs
  • Security Signs
  • Lock-out Signs
  • Entry Exit & Parking Signs
  • Directional & Access Signs
  • Safety Posters
  • General Information Signs

Warning Signs

  • General Caution Signs
  • Chemical & Hazard Warning Signs
  • Construction Warning Signs
  • Electrical Warning Signs
  • Forklift Warning Signs
  • Machine Warning Signs
  • General Warning Signs

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